Statement On The Attacks In Israel - October 9

Global Cleveland stands in solidarity with Israel and the individuals and their families who were harmed or lost their lives in the attacks on Israel this past weekend. As a sister city to Beit She’an and as the home of a large diaspora of Israeli individuals, Cleveland has strong ties to Israel. Our hearts are with any Northeast Ohio residents who may be fearing for the lives of their friends and family. Global Cleveland is a steadfast supporter of peace and diplomacy, and we show solidarity with every innocent suffering the impact of such hatred and violence.

We will be attending the special community gathering in support of Israel on Monday, October 9 at 5 pm outside of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland offices at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Building (25701 Science Park Drive). According to the Jewish Federation, this event will feature “comments from local clergy, community leaders, and others as we come together to demonstrate our unshakeable stand with Israel at this time of crisis.” We invite our community to join us at this gathering and add their voice to our call for peace.

Anniversary of the Invasion of Ukraine

Statement of Continued Support of Ukraine

Global Cleveland, the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County have released a joint statement reaffirming their continued support of Ukraine a year after the full-blown invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The below statement is endorsed by Joe Cimperman, president of Global Cleveland; Justin Bibb, Mayor of the City of Cleveland; and Chris Ronayne, Cuyahoga County Executive.

Local Leaders Meet on Ukraine

Global Cleveland joined Senator Sherrod Brown and other local organization and faith leaders at the Ukrainian Museum Archives to discuss how our region can continue to support Ukrainians.

Representatives from Global Cleveland also participated in an  in-depth conversation with Representative Miller (OH) regarding continuing support for Ukraine. We sat alongside leaders of the Ukrainian community and clergy, who relayed messages of the need for further commitment to Ukrainian democracy, sovereignty, and freedom.

Northeast Ohio Lights Up the Night to Support Ukraine

Global Cleveland is encouraging businesses and individuals across the Greater Cleveland area to visually express solidarity and support for Ukraine. After the sun sets Feb. 23 and 24, Global Cleveland asks that citizens illuminate their apartments, homes, and storefronts with blue and yellow lighting. Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland will be lit in blue and yellow these nights to show support for Ukrainians.

“Lighting our buildings with the color of the Ukraine flag sends a message of solidary and welcome to Ukrainians around the globe,” Joe Cimperman, president of Global Cleveland, said. “Not only are we advocating for victory for Ukraine, but we’re also showing the world that Northeast Ohio is a region where those affected by violence can find welcome, prosperity, and refuge.”

Citizens showed their support Feb. 25 by joining a candlelit vigil to remember and honor the lives lost as a result of the war. The vigil was hosted by the Cleveland Maidan Association and St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in partnership with Global Cleveland, United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio, “Save Ukraine” Community Organization, and Ukrainian Museum Archives. A prayer service at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (5913 State Rd., Parma, OH 44134) began at 5 p.m., followed by a community gathering at 6 p.m.

“Just over a year ago, no one would have believed that we would have a devastating war and humanitarian catastrophe on the European continent,” Dr. Taras Mahlay of the Cleveland Maidan Association said. “The world would have never imagined that Ukrainian homes and infrastructure would be shelled daily, millions of Ukrainians would be forced from their homes, and tens of thousands of casualties would be occurring on Ukrainian soil.”

“Our community will be gathering to pray for the souls who have been lost to this war and to pray for the Ukrainians enduring persisting evil,” said Dr. Mahlay. “The Ukrainian community also wants to thank Northeastern Ohio for all their support with a gathering in the church hall.”

Global Cleveland calls for action to prepare for Ukrainian refugees

Global Cleveland calls for action to prepare for Ukrainian refugees

Global Cleveland’s mission is to attract, welcome, and connect international newcomers to economic, social, and educational opportunities in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. Not only are we the bridge that connects newcomers to resources, but we are also ardent advocates who use our platform to amplify the voices and needs of our international community.

Our staff and board have spent countless hours meeting with Ukrainians, government officials, and fellow refugee resettlement organizations in the month since Russia invaded Ukraine. From this, we have pinpointed three actions that will ease the resettlement process for Ukrainians finding refuge in Northeast Ohio.

  1. We call for the federal government to extend the application deadline for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to all Ukrainian refugees until December 31, 2022. As it currently stands, refugees can only receive TPS status if they arrived in the U.S. before March 1, 2022. Ukrainians have just begun entering the United States in earnest. Extending TPS will offer Ukrainians a greater degree of protection and opportunity.
  2. We call for the federal government to provide unrestricted work visas for Ukrainians until December 31, 2023. Ukrainian refugees want and need to work. With unrestricted work visas, Ukrainians can fill gaps in Ohio’s workforce deficit, helping support the economy by addressing the demand for workers.
  3. We ask that the federal government direct $20,000,000 to Northeast Ohio in order to help Ukrainian refugees. As a region that is home to one of the country’s largest populations of Ukrainians, we expect a large influx of refugees and are already seeing Ukrainians seeking refuge in Northeast Ohio.

All of the actions we propose are informed by the needs expressed by the international community and our experience welcoming newcomers in times of crisis. We expected to receive 400 Afghanistan refugees but have gladly welcomed over 1,000 individuals to make a home for themselves in our region. We must be prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees with just as much fervor.

We are grateful for the continued support shown to our organization from Ohio elected officials and the Northeast Ohio community at large. The interest expressed to us in regard to volunteering, donating, and welcoming Ukrainians is a testament to the outstanding humanitarian qualities of our community. We encourage those who want to get more involved to sign up to volunteer their services at


How We're Helping

How You Can Help


What Is Global Cleveland Doing To Help?

  • We are in continuous talks with the Ukrainian community, as well as local and state government officials, to determine how to best serve this population.
  • We are advocating that refugees who were already pre-approved to come to Northeast Ohio have their refugee status honored.
  • Global Cleveland is keeping the international community engaged. We will connect them with and direct them to any resources that they may need.
  • Our team is convening with local nonprofits and companies in order to direct support and humanitarian aid to the proper destinations and maximize impact.

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Please contact us if you are seeking to speak with Global Cleveland or want to be put into contact with relevant members of the international community:

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