How To Ask People for Things Via Email: An 8-Step Program

Author: Jocelyn K. Glei One of the golden rules of writing is: Respect the reader’s intelligence. This rule gets magnified by a factor of 10 when it comes to composing unsolicited emails. Most people who receive any significant quantity of email in a day have developed extremely refined bullshit detectors. They can identify an impersonal templated … Continued

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How to Create a Personal Branding Plan in 30 Minutes (Even if You Hate “Personal Branding”)

Author: Marietta Gentles Crawford You’re ready to make a career move—maybe you’re looking for a new job, launching a side business, or eyeing a promotion. In all of these instances, boosting your personal brand can help you achieve your goal. That’s because a strong personal brand is a carefully designed message that’s compelling and attracts the right … Continued

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10 ways Clevelanders can respond to Charlottesville ‘with goodness’

Leave Photos for Social Media Profiles, Not Resumes

Your social media profile photo makes you human. Why is it creepy on resumés? Author: Oliver Staley LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more views, and yield nine times more connection requests, than those without, the company says. Yet resumés with photos attached get a raised eyebrow from hiring managers. “I’m actually less likely to talk … Continued

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Museum features Cleveland cultures

No Response After An Interview? Here’s How To Send A Follow Up Email

Author: Biron Clark So, you finished your interview, went home excited to hear back, but now what? Maybe it’s been a few days (or more) and you haven’t heard anything. I’m going to show you exactly how to send a follow up email after your interview if you’ve gotten no response, with examples and templates. One WARNING first though: Don’t … Continued

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There’s Much “The Land” Can Learn from the Holy Land

A trip to Israel, sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, was eye opening and life changing.  By Joe Cimperman   Last week, a group of non-profit leaders, through the insight and support of Tom and Joan Adler and the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, learned about a most beautiful, historic, epic, spirit filled, and complicated … Continued

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