Global Rising is a Leadership Program for International Newcomers, allowing them to connect, discover, network, and grow.

A Leadership and Professional Development Program for International Newcomers

Global Rising is a 9-month program for International Newcomers. This program allows participants the opportunity to network with other international newcomers, meet with various leaders in our community, and develop leadership skills through experiential learning.

The goal of the program is to prepare our region’s foreign-born residents with the skills, knowledge, and tools required to grow and thrive in our community and help strengthen, develop, promote, and empower. 

Applications for the 2024-25 cohort closed on 5-31-2024. Please apply when the applications open again in the spring of 2025.

Program Objectives

  • Establish and cultivate a network of international leaders  
  • Connect international professionals with community and business leaders  
  • Enhance the international practices for the region’s workforce and economic development  

Program Benefits

  • Development and Enhancement of Leadership Skills 
  • Professional Development  
  • Networking Opportunities  
  • Mentor-Mentee Relationship 
  • Connection to Leaders in Cleveland Workforce 
  • Introduction to a Community of International Professionals 
  • Opportunity to be a Global Cleveland Ambassador 
  • Social Advancements  
  • Cultural Exchange & Awareness 

Speaker Series

  • Speakers are local business and community leaders from various spheres and industries, elected officials, and/or Mentors 
  • Each session that the Mentees and Mentors attend is a Speaking Session 
  • There are 5 Speaking Sessions per Cohort  
  • The Speaker Sessions cover informative and inspirational stories, advice, and guidance to the participants based on different leadership topics, as well as where Cleveland stands in various industries  
  • The purpose of this Series is to bring a diverse group of speakers to our Mentees and Mentors to inspire and challenge previously held perspectives and ideas 
  • At the end of each Speaking Session, Mentees are expected to fill out a feedback form  

Mentorship Program

The Mentor program is designed to connect Mentees with professionals who have at least 5 years of experience in their respective fields in Northeast Ohio. These professionals will be the mentors of one mentee. This program establishes the mentor-mentee relationship among the professionals and participants for both professional and personal development. 

  • Matches between Mentors and Mentees are made based on similar interests and fields, and all participants are expected to send in their resumé to assist with this process   
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Experiential Learning


  • Three networking sessions per cohort 
    • One curated and guided networking event to teach how to network in US workforce culture


  • Two relevant and approved volunteering activities per cohort 
    • One with Global Cleveland and 1 with outside organization 

Team building 

  • Two team building activities/events per cohort
    • One professionally led team building activity with mentors and participants  
    • One Global Cleveland curated introductory activity during orientation 

Working sessions 

  • 4 working sessions per cohort 
    • Introduction to American workforce/business culture 
    • Resume and Cover letter reviews 
    • Tips for Successful Interview 
    • Mock interviews 

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