A nine-month leadership and professional program for international newcomers In Northeast Ohio.

Global Cleveland is offering a 9-month program for international newcomers. This program will give you the opportunity to network with other international newcomers and to meet with, as a group, various leaders in our community once a month. The Global Rising Program aims to prepare our region’s foreign-born residents with the skills, knowledge, and tools required to grow and thrive in our community.

Applications for 2023-24 are now closed.

Objectives of the Program

- Establish and cultivate a network of international leaders
- Connect international professionals with community and business leaders
- Enhance the international pipeline for the region’s workforce and economic development

Benefits of the Program

- Development and enhancement of leadership skills
- Professional Development
- Networking opportunities
- Mentor-Mentee relationship
- Connection to leaders in Cleveland workforce
- Introduction to a community of international professionals
- Opportunity to be Global Cleveland Ambassadors
- Social advancement
- Cultural Exchange & Awareness

Speaker Series

The speaker series consists of leaders from different industries sharing informative and inspirational stories, advice, and guidance to the participants based on different leadership topics. The program consists of 9 speaker series from different backgrounds and industries. The purpose of the speaker series is to bring a diverse group of speakers who will inspire and challenge new ideas and perspectives on various topics.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is designed to connect Global Rising participants with professionals who work or have experience in Northeast Ohio for more than 5 years. These professionals will be the mentors of one participant. This program establishes the mentor-mentee relationship among the professionals and participants for both professional and personal development.

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