Mentorship program

This program is designed to connect the participants with professionals who work or have experience in Northeast Ohio for more than 5 years. These professionals will be the mentors of one participant. This program establishes the mentor-mentee relationship among the professionals and participants for both professional and personal development.

Mentor Application

Purpose of the Mentorship program

• Developing emerging leaders
• Promote diversity and inclusion
• Learn Cleveland culture and US workplace culture
• Enhance skills development: Leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills
• Networking Opportunities
• Career and professional development
• Personal Development
• Understanding of new perspectives

The Global Rising Program will follow these phases:

Phase I (August): Orientation

- All participants (Mentors and Mentees) are expected to attend the opening Global Rising ceremony
- All participants are sent the Global Rising Handbook, Terms + Conditions, and Photo Release document for review and signature
- All Mentors are sent a Checklist and Mentoring Sessions Agenda Template
- All Mentees are sent Feature on Website Document (for use on the Global Cleveland website)

Phase II (September – November): Introductions

- Mentors and Mentees connected via email and pre-scheduled Zoom introductions
- Mentors are expected to complete the Mentoring Session Agenda Template with their Mentees before individual goals are set
- Mentors and Mentees expected to set individual goals with one another within this phase
- Mentors are expected to make the first introduction to their Mentee with a professional connection
- All participants are expected to track progress made on goals monthly

Phase III (December - February): Development

- Participants are expected to continue working toward set goals, adjust them if necessary, and continue monthly tracking progress
- Mentors are expected to schedule a second meeting between their Mentee and professional connection
- Send all participants a Mid-Point Feedback request form

Phase IV (March - May): Reflections

- All participants are expected to fill out an end-of-program Progress Report
- Mentors are expected to schedule and carry out a third meeting between Mentee and a professional connection
- All participants are expected to participate in exit interviews/survey

What Makes An Ideal Mentor?

  • Local experts in their respective field (5+ years)
  • Ability to commit to at least half of the 9 sessions (1/month) and all networking events (3/cohort)
    • 1-2 hours/month
  • Ability to commit to meeting Mentee 1/month
  • Possesses a sense of patience
  • At least 5 years living in the region
  • The previous mentorship experienced a bonus
  • Possesses good listening skills
  • Values diversity of perspectives
  • Willingness to learn and share culture
  • Possesses the ability to provide constructive feedback
  • Good communication skills, responsive to communication (email, phone)
  • Can network and discover/share resources with Mentee
  • Honest and positive attitude

What Makes An Ideal Mentee?

  • A foreign-born person residing in Ohio
  • Seniors/Graduate students
  • Ability to commit to 9 sessions (1/month) and networking events (3/cohort)
    • 2-4 hours/month
  • Willing to learn and grow
  • Open-mindedness to learning new cultural lessons
  • Good communication skills, responsive to communication (email, phone)
  • Possesses good time management skills
  • Possesses a good sense of responsibility
  • Honest, respectful, and positive attitude

Goals For Mentors

  • Meeting with the mentee at least 9 times throughout the program (once a month)
    • Email/Phone call/Zoom/In-person
    • The number of hours mentoring should not be less than 5 hours in total
  • Attending mentors meeting
    • Total 3 mentors meeting
  • Attend 3 networking events organized by Global Cleveland along with their mentees
  • Introduce 3 individuals in your network to your mentee
  • Helping mentors set their individual goals within the first two meetings
  • Attending speaking session (optional)

Goals for Mentees

  • Meeting with a mentor at least 9 times throughout the program (once a month)
    • The number of mentoring hours attended should not be less than 5 hours in total
  • Attend all Speaking Series
  • Attend all Networking Events
  • Connect with at least 3 different mentors in the program
  • Connect with at least 2 speakers of the program
  • Build at least 3 connections through the program
    • Not including the other participants or the mentors
  • Setting individual goals with the help of mentors within the first two meetings
  • Reporting to the manager of the program at the end of every month about their advancement with the mentors (format will be provided)