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Become A Global Employer

Need help filling your workforce gap? Global Cleveland can help you reach people looking for work in Northeast Ohio! Let us use our network to connect with international workers!

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Visa Infographics

The world of Visas can seem confusing at first, but we're here to help you understand the process!

EB Visas

Employment Based Immigrant Visas

(With A Path Towards Citizenship)

H Visas

Temporary (Non-Migrant) Worker Visas

(Without A Path Towards Citizenship)

E Visas

Temporary (Non-Migrant) Worker Visas

(Without A Path Towards Citizenship)

CPT and OPT Visas___

Student Visas

Growing Your Business With International Talent

Want to learn how to integrate international talent into your workforce? Our Annual Global Employer Summit, a free, educational webinar, teaches employers how their business can benefit from employing international workers. Hear testimonies from employers who have experienced first-hand how employing international workers has helped grow their business.

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