Global Cleveland stands in solidarity with Israel and the individuals and their families who were harmed or lost their lives in the attacks on Israel this past weekend. As a sister city to Beit She’an and as the home of a large diaspora of Israeli individuals, Cleveland has strong ties to Israel. Our hearts are with any Northeast Ohio residents who may be fearing for the lives of their friends and family. Global Cleveland is a steadfast supporter of peace and diplomacy, and we show solidarity with every innocent suffering the impact of such hatred and violence.
We will be attending the special community gathering in support of Israel on Monday, October 9 at 5 pm outside of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland offices at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Building (25701 Science Park Drive). According to the Jewish Federation, this event will feature “comments from local clergy, community leaders, and others as we come together to demonstrate our unshakeable stand with Israel at this time of crisis.” We invite our community to join us at this gathering and add their voice to our call for peace.