Several weeks ago our community was ranked the number one community in the United States in which to become a fully naturalized US citizen. This A+ grade was given to us by Boundless, a policy shop in Seattle. This is a really big deal; it shows how a geography served by the Northern Ohio Federal District Court can attain the highest designation precisely because of our nature. Cleveland is a hard working, nose to the paper place. Our Court and those who serve the United States in the capacity as government employees take their work very seriously. The processing time is fast, the judges are awesome, the office that processes the large caseloads takes every opportunity to treat our newest newcomers with professionalism and expediency. We are also blessed to have some of the most astute immigration attorneys in the nation, women and men who went to law school and mastered one of the most complex aspects of the law. Add to this a multi cultural multi ethnic metropolis that provides affinity and welcome to people whose ancestry is shared and you have a designation that speaks to what is possible.

At Global Cleveland we have been attending each and every naturalization ceremony since June of 2016. We have met and hugged and selfied with people from over 100 different nations. We have provided official certificates of welcome from our civic leadership and added value to these newest citizens’ journeys with information on how to start a business, where to turn if one needs economic development assistance, and mostly an embrace and a gratitude for the almost 12,000 people who have pledged an oath to the United States from the courthouse room here in downtown Cleveland.

There are three things to note:
1. Thousands of people every year are choosing to become US Citizens and doing so here in Northeast Ohio.
2. Four times a month Global Cleveland shows up to this most magical hour to witness and support the newest US Citizens beginning this chapter of their lives. WE ALWAYS WELCOME VOLUNTEERS TO HELP US. PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME AT [email protected] TO LEARN MORE. It will change your life.
3. It’s good to be number one.

Thanks to you for making us the best. Let’s keep the streak alive!


Joe Cimperman, President of Global Cleveland