Among various volunteer opportunities at Global Cleveland, Professional Connection program also includes a volunteering opportunity. Global Cleveland Professional Connection Volunteers are professionals working in Greater Cleveland area, from a variety of industries and with unique backgrounds. Their rich experience and thoughtful insight in their industries are the core asset to this program.

When an international job seeker (immigrant, refugee and/or international student) requests professional connection service, they will be paired with professional connection volunteer(s) based on similar professional backgrounds and interests.


What are your responsibilities as s GC Professional Connection volunteer?

  • Meet an international job seeker based on their interest/industry
  • Share your professional experience and how you get into the industry


  • Give suggestions/advice on their resume
  • Take mock interview
  • Encourage them to ask you questions they are uncertain about
  • Explain them the importance of networking and help them connect to your network.

If you are interested in becoming Professional Connection volunteer and help international job seekers, please contact Supriya Tamang at [email protected]