Talking Points for Public Charge Changes

PUBLIC CHARGE The proposed rule change so broadens the definition of “Public Charge” as to include millions of people who are already contributing members of society and the economy.  It implicitly and incorrectly assumes that people who receive benefits now cannot become productive contributors in the future. Most immigrants are not eligible for public benefits … Continued Read More

The Irish are Coming

  Everyone knows that the Irish-American connection is strong. Cleveland has a great relationship with our Irish partners, as evidenced by the recent visit by The American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and Enterprise Ireland to Cleveland on August 8th. Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Governmental Agency that supports Irish companies expanding to global markets. … Continued Read More

Global Cleveland’s Position on New White House Rule to Limit Legal Immigration

While it has been in effect since 1882, the term “public charge” was never defined and therefore has meant different things over time. Different standards have been applied. It is a nebulous set of standards that can be adjusted to fit a particular climate or set of principles, depending on the current President’s views and value of international newcomers. Today’s … Continued Read More

Updates From Our President

Three days, 2 ups and  1 down, three opportunities to make Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and Ohio more welcoming. One week. This past Thursday I had the opportunity to speak with representatives of the Executive Branch in Washington, DC. I was invited by the National Jewish Federation to speak to the policy being considered now known … Continued Read More


Bratislava – Cleveland  Written by Ezra Ellenbogen    Cuyahoga County has a reasonably large Slovak population; in fact, it has the highest of any county in Ohio, and Ohio is the state with the second-highest Slovak population overall.[1] In short, Cleveland and surrounding areas have a significant Slovak population. Among Cleveland’s many great sister cities, … Continued Read More

Guest Blog: Experiencing a Traditional Congolese Wedding

A Malaysian walks into a traditional Congolese wedding in Cleveland… …no it’s not the beginning of a joke. This is my experience at my first African wedding. By Samantha Chow When I left Malaysia for the States for a six-week professional fellowship with Global Cleveland, I anticipated experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. After … Continued Read More

Guest Blog: Inclusivity and The Future of America

by Davidione C. Pearl There is a burgeoning recognition that is emerging again throughout the nation. A force that once heralded the coming of the Industrial Age – fires that would forge and define an era from sea to sea, continuing through to the height of its power on the world stage, cementing what would … Continued Read More

To Reunion

Reunion is the greatest power and attribute of love. The great Jesuit Pierre Tielhard de Chardin once said, “Everything in the universe everything is programmed and destined to come back to one.” We have seen this challenged and affirmed in extreme measures these past weeks. The cries of children separated from their families on the … Continued Read More

Putting the “I” in the CIFF

                                           The 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival ran this year from April 4 – 15. During that time, more than 105,000 enthusiastic attendees made their way to Tower City Cinemas to see what the fuss … Continued Read More

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