I moved abroad to Shanghai, China at the end of August 2018. The decision to work and live abroad in Shanghai was motivated by a job opportunity with The Walt Disney Company. I started working for the company in May 2014 as a performer through the college program at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I was intrigued to see how a company as big as Disney functioned in China compared to in the United States. I work as an English teacher for young children through Disney’s extracurricular English program known in China as Disney English. In 2017, China’s extracurricular education market exceeded $4 billion. Many Chinese parents are eager to enroll their children in an extracurricular program to give them a head start in school. Disney English has created their program as a standout among the many other English learning programs throughout China. Shanghai itself is an incredible city. There is a fascinating contrast throughout the city in almost every area. Take, for example, the food. Within the same block, you will likely find carts selling cooked chicken feet, a common street food, and McDonald’s selling some of the exact burgers as in the US. You see the same contrast on the roads, which will be swept by hand with brooms made of bamboo branches, as Teslas and Rolls Royces drive by. It is a unique opportunity to live somewhere growing at a rate as fast as Shanghai, and I’m glad I made the decision to take on the challenge. While many cultural aspects in China including the language and food are still foreign to me, both experiences of working for Disney and living abroad have helped me appreciate how universal many of the classic Disney lessons are. Disney characters and their stories are beloved by the Chinese the same way they are by Americans.