How To Ask People for Things Via Email: An 8-Step Program

Author: Jocelyn K. Glei One of the golden rules of writing is: Respect the reader’s intelligence. This rule gets magnified by a factor of 10 when it comes to composing unsolicited emails. Most people who receive any significant quantity of email in a day have developed extremely refined bullshit detectors. They can identify an impersonal templated … Continued Read More

How to Create a Personal Branding Plan in 30 Minutes (Even if You Hate “Personal Branding”)

Author: Marietta Gentles Crawford You’re ready to make a career move—maybe you’re looking for a new job, launching a side business, or eyeing a promotion. In all of these instances, boosting your personal brand can help you achieve your goal. That’s because a strong personal brand is a carefully designed message that’s compelling and attracts the right … Continued Read More

The 15-Minute Habit That’ll Impress Your Boss (and Boost Your Confidence)

Author: Erica Gellerman This may sound unbelievable, but it’s true : My client asked for—and received!— two promotions and three raises in the span of 18 months. Clearly, she’s a superstar. However, it takes more than being awesome at your job to pull this off and she partly attributed her success to a habit she developed: tracking her own performance on … Continued Read More

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