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As a job seeker, it can be difficult to find your own footing in your personal job search.  Oftentimes, turning to a recruiter can be beneficial in honing in on the right job opportunities, brushing up your interviewing skills and resume feel, and taking some of the hard work off of your plate while searching for your next gig.

However, it is important to be mindful that every recruiter you connect with will not be able to help you find the right job, or give you the advice you are seeking to have solid footing in your respective industry.

And, please do not get confused with my message here.

I am not saying that to be rude.

I am saying that because most recruiters are limited in their own regard.  They have certain industries they recruit for, certain niches, and to be quite honest – aren’t necessarily the right person to help you find your dream job.

For example, if I am a Software Engineer searching for a new position, I would not reach out to a recruiter in the Accounting & Finance industry that is specifically finding placements for entry level Accountants and Financial Analysts, and expect solid help.  This just would not make sense.

Chances are that this recruiter will not be able to help you.

That doesn’t mean the recruiter won’t know someone who can help you, but be sure to gauge your reach out to this person accordingly with a message like the following:

Hi Mrs. Recruiter Not in My Industry,

Thank you for the recent connection.  

After reviewing your profile here on LinkedIn, I understand that you are a trusted and well-established recruiter in the Accounting and Finance space.  Although I am a Software Engineer searching for my next opportunity, I understand that you do not recruit in this space.  However, please let me know if you have a recommendation or two for a recruiter specifically in the technology space that can possibly be of assistance to me in my quest for finding my next career opportunity.

Your assistance is not expected, but I would greatly appreciate any information or resources you can provide to me.


Mr. Candidate 

I can’t speak on behalf of every recruiter.

Personally, I would love to help each and every person that comes my way.  I have a big heart, and I empathize with those looking for an immediate job opportunity.

However, it just is not feasible.  

I will always work to help those that are relevant to my industry and my niche, and ensure those that are not relevant are provided with any resources or information that may be of help.

So, as a job seeker, do continue to reach out to recruiters, but try to be mindful of what type of recruiter you are reaching out to – including their industry, their location and geographical span, their expertise, and their niche.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, but…

Just tailor your message accordingly so you are increasing the likelihood that the recruiter will respond and will be able to pass on information that will be beneficial to you, such as:

A referral to another recruiter in your industry.

A pointer or two about your resume in general.

Links to information or resources that may help you in your search [i.e. niche specific job boards, job board apps, recruitment firms, etc.].


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