Ohio Liquor will allow a bar or restaurant to return unopened high proof liquor products purchased between Feb. 12 and Mar. 15 as a way to provide economic assistance to bar and restaurant owners during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This courtesy also extends to those who may have obtained a temporary permit (F2) for an event, scheduled between March 12, 2020 and April 6, 2020, and that event is now cancelled. If large gatherings are banned beyond April 6, 2020, the Division will continue to allow those F2 permit holders to return unopened product purchased for the event.

All a bar/restaurant or F2 permit holder needs to do is bring the unopened high proof liquor product back to the Contract LiquorAgency they purchased the product. The Agency will ask you to fill out this form (here), which you can do ahead of time. Agencies can refer to the full return process here.

For questions or more information regarding the one-time high proof liquor buy back, please feel free to contact the LESC at 877-812-0013 or [email protected].