Finding the right talent with the needed skills and competencies is every employer’s challenge, as is the need to find new markets for business growth. This typically means finding and/or moving global talent from one place to another—a feat many employers find daunting. But resources are available to help you not only develop a global team but manage offices and people across borders and cultures. This interactive panel discussion with local and international experts will address the current state of global workforce mobility and provide details on the types of resources available to support this critical component of workforce development.

Bob Rosing, President and CEO of Cleveland-based Dwellworks, will moderate the panel. Dwellworks supports the mobility of other companies’ talent while managing offices and people across borders and cultures itself. In doing so, Dwellworks not only walks the walk, they must talk the talk. Their secret sauce? A unified global culture that allows offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and now Hong Kong to all be on the same page.

Joining Bob on this panel are experts within the global mobility industry who will speak to a range of topics and perspectives on sourcing, managing, and moving talent on a global scale.

Robert Horsley, Executive Director of Fragomen and current Chairman of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (Worldwide ERC®), is well known for his openness to change and his innovative initiatives in mobile workforce programs. At Fragomen, he helps clients adapt and integrate their different cultures and work models that allow companies to thrive in today’s ever-evolving markets. Through his work with Worldwide ERC, he helps the global not-for-profit find new and innovative ways to connect mobility professionals across the globe and to serve as the voice, the marketplace, and the source for talent management and global mobility knowledge, worldwide. Robert will offer insights into current trends on today’s global mobility and where to expect the next wave of activity.

Dean Foster, Founder and Principal at Dean Foster Global and Strategic Advisor at Dwellworks Intercultural Solutions, has been providing intercultural training and consulting to the international mobility and training and development industry for more than 20 years. The author of several books, Dean writes the monthly “CultureWise” column for National Geographic Traveler Magazine. He is on the faculty of American University, Intercultural Management Institute, and also serves as guest lecturer and faculty for Harvard Business School, Columbia University School of Business, and Darden Business School. His work has taken him to nearly 100 countries. Dean will focus on the skills professionals need to be successful in the global marketplace and how companies can use cultural competency as a hedge against business risk.

As Senior Director of Global Mobility and Global Human Resources at the Cleveland Clinic, Scott Chmielowicz collaborates with key internal and external stakeholders to develop and maintain the Clinic’s expanding global mobility strategy, policies, and processes to maximize program effectiveness and minimize cost. He provides end-to-end support for the international assignee population including business travelers, long- and short-term assignees, local hires, and transfers. Scott will address how the Clinic manages its core culture to attract and retain high value talent—both in Cleveland and its growing number of global facilities. He will also address the objections he has to rebut or overcome in order to attract global talent to Cleveland…or Florida…or Dubai.

Shana Zollar, Vice President of Human Resources at Dwellworks, has overseen the company’s steady growth for nearly 10 years. Her specialty, according to Crain’s Cleveland Business, is the handling of the HR maze during international acquisitions. Indeed, she was recognized for acclimating three companies from outside the US into the Dwellworks family within a 5-month time period. Shana will address what’s involved in nurturing a global culture, as well as transition points for moving from a US-focused organization to a global business. She will also address best practices for blending lessons from acquisitions in new markets into the overall corporate culture to keep the whole enterprise in tune with latest trends.

The session will conclude with an audience Q&A.

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