by Davidione C. Pearl

There is a burgeoning recognition that is emerging again throughout the nation. A force that once heralded the coming of the Industrial Age – fires that would forge and define an era from sea to sea, continuing through to the height of its power on the world stage, cementing what would carve out history and become our legacy as a global leader.

A spirited force that swept America like no other, of which all her many moving parts of innovation and advancement relied; this was the force of America’s newly defined people, the empowerment of welcoming empowerment of her immigrants, and consequently, the empowerment of the United States as a whole.

Global Cleveland, a non-profit organization focused on regional economic development through attracting international newcomers to employment and social opportunities understands this very intimately, and has steadfastly become the area standard bearer of inclusion and unique ways to foster nations apart from our own.

With a mission geared towards economic development, educational exchange, and cultural enrichment, Global Cleveland seeks to build bridges that stand upon the foundation of a nation’s most precious resource, it’s diverse people, and all that they have to offer – to actively connect with and welcome the skills and talents of recently relocated immigrants from afar, while continuing to cultivate local relationships with existing immigrant communities established long ago.

Headed up by former Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman, Global Cleveland understands the importance and core need for inclusion as it relates to the cultural and economic successes of any city.

May 1st – 3rd 2019 marked Global Cleveland’s Inaugural Sister Cities Conference, hosted by the Cleveland Public Library in partnership with The Cleveland Foundation.

In an encouraging intersectionality of promise and heartfelt pride, the conference brought in representatives from six of the twenty-three sister cities worldwide that shared the value and importance of work being accomplished between our cities, an interfaith panel of local Judaic, Islamic, Coptic Orthodox, and Roman Catholic community leaders that spoke to the fundamentals of peace and understanding, as well as panels on immigration, education, and economic development.

The common thread throughout was the significance and urgency of releasing misconceptions and identifying creative ways to close the gap of marginalization to flourish in a way that fully reflects the truer essence and garden of humanity. To help each other be even greater, and consequently help our communities and ultimately our nations be even greater.

Founded in 2011, Global Cleveland is now poised to pull even further ahead of conventionality with establishing regional models geared towards attracting ever increasing numbers of sister-cities to partner with in pursuit of effective outcome measures, as they relate to immigration and shared prosperity.

Dismantling unavailing walls of perception one brick at a time…