At Global Cleveland, we pursue an uncommon quest. We try to attract immigrants to Cleveland and help them to pursue the American dream. We do this because we need their energy and we need their skills to repopulate our city and to compete in the global economy.

With anti-immigrant hostility rising nationally, our work has become more challenging—and vital. That’s why we need your help now more than ever.

Why you should consider donating to Global Cleveland this #GivingTuesday:

  • 40% of the founders of Fortune 500 companies were immigrants or their children. This is why we engage high-skill immigrants at events like the 2017 International Student Pitch Contest. We want the next Fortune 500 company to be founded here.


  • Global Cleveland’s citizenship initiatives, including our new Community Navigator program, guide immigrants toward naturalization, which contributes to their economic success and strengthens our community.


  • With events like the Global Employer Summit, Global Cleveland helps local employers realize the opportunities presented by international talent.


  • By matching immigrants with Welcome Mentors, we help newcomers like Monica Ceja from Mexico assimilate more rapidly, get started on a new career, and make Cleveland home.


  • Through projects like International Village, Global Cleveland helps revitalize neighborhoods with refugees and migrants who need homes. On #GivingTuesday, support our efforts to strengthen Cleveland by welcoming the world. 


  • We are a proud partner of Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy, Cleveland’s school for immigrant and migrant children. Help us help the next generation assimilate to their new home.


  • Immigrants and refugees are unusually entrepreneurial. We created a listing of Immigrant and Refugee Owned Businesses in Greater Cleveland so that people can find and support the authentic ethnic grocery stores, restaurants and services that immigrants create in our community.