Hello to each and every one of you AWESOME builders of Cleveland!

Please allow me to introduce myself as the newest team member of a fantastic organization, Global Cleveland. I am truly honored and enthused to have this opportunity to serve and build with you, the City and Community that given me so much.

Having grown up on the numbered streets (East 74 and St. Clair), receiving an education from two amazing local institutions, Saint Ignatius High School and John Carroll University, and having had the best luck in the world to being born into my Slovenian family, I feel a close close kinship with our great staff, board, cadre of volunteers and supporters (and you great reader!) in the pursuit of welcoming old friends we’ve just met!

In the past three weeks since I have come on board, we have hosted delegations and representatives from Turkey, Ethiopia, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, China, Slovenia, and Lebanon. Our doors are open and we stand ready to work with you, our neighbors in our community, our international sisters and brothers and with the greater global community to convey how welcoming and wonderful we are as a place in which to prosper. One thing about these past three weeks has been the lesson I’ve understood over and over that we are in this all together.

If I can be of any assistance or if there is anything you want to share with me please email me at [email protected]. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for belonging to this community, thank you for helping us be Cleveland’s Cape Canaveral.

– Joe Cimperman