Global Cleveland Board Member Tom Tomasula gives us a glimpse into his experience after spending 26 hours in Seoul, South Korea.


On the way to the airport after 26 hours in Seoul.

Long trip from Cleveland via San Francisco. About 19 hours of traveling. Flew out with Lubrizol colleague. Met a Cleveland clinic cardiologist en route to Seoul for a medical conference.

Beautiful sunny day in Seoul on Monday. Seoul continues to be building high rise apartments so construction continues. Very nice landscaping in the city along the highways – tulips and some lush great areas ( didn’t get to enjoy)

After landing picked up by work colleague – 1 1/2 hits from airport to downtown. Quick shower and then off to a Korean barbecue restaurant 2nd picture and 4th picture.

Herbert from Beijing and Don Townley from US ( both Lubrizol) watch server cook for us.

Herbert, Don, me, Maggie (China) and Jeonny (Korea) enjoy Korean barbecue. Culture is taking off the shoes at restaurants. You can’t tell but the table is floor level, and then you slide into putting your feet below the table.

From my hotel looking to Seoul

Lunch with Korean Lubrizol colleagues – notice were sitting on the floor. Mooney, Me, Jimmy, Cathy, and EY – all from Seoul Korea office.

Great food. Healthy to eat. Did well at using chopsticks – nobody was injured during the taking of these pictures.

Wish I had more than 26 hours. Now off to Shanghai.

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