After 9 years spent living in Boston, Philadelphia, and Columbus, Racquel Armstrong is happily settling back into life as a Cleveland resident! Armstrong, a current resident of Beachwood, was raised on Cleveland’s east side and attended Hawken School prior to relocating to Boston for her undergraduate degree. Upon graduation from Wellesley, where she majored in urban studies and economics, Armstrong moved once again, this time to Philadelphia to pursue a master’s degree at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania.

Armstrong is currently pursuing an MBA at the Ohio State University, where she is part of Bright New Leaders for Ohio Schools (Bright).  Bright works in conjuction with the Ohio Business Roundtable, which focuses on the retention of Fortune 500 companies across the state of Ohio. In this role, Armstrong is currently functioning as an assistant principal at Ginn Academy.

Armstrong is thrilled to be back in her hometown, and she has embraced the city’s positive celebration of culture and diversity. During the 9 years she spent living outside of Cleveland, Armstrong found herself missing the accessibility to ethnic enclaves found here; Slavic Village is a one of her favorite neighborhoods, and try as they might, cities like Columbus and Philadelphia did not have the diverse culture Armstrong craved. Armstrong loves that Cleveland residents can easily find their niche, which creates to a welcoming environment for newcomers – and boomerangers!


Welcome back to Cleveland, Racquel!


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