SUMMER ON THE CUYAHOGA, Cleveland’s premier internship program, is now seeking paid college internships for its 15th summer of contributing to Northeast Ohio’s brain gain. Employers can register intern opportunities for free at www.summeronthecuyahoga to tap into thousands of talented, top-notch students from eight campuses: Case Western Reserve University, Colgate University, Cornell University, Denison University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Smith University, the University of Chicago, and Yale University. Cleveland employers such as KeyBank, BioMotiv, and DDR have employed Summer on the Cuyahoga interns for years and even hired a number of those interns full-time after they graduated.

“By partnering with SOTC’s program, not only do we have access to hundreds of potentially qualified candidates, but we are able to obtain very high-caliber interns with real-world experiences,” said Jodi Marchewitz, director of resource development and intern experiences with Flashstarts, the Cleveland startup accelerator.

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Since expanding from the Yale-only Bulldogs on the Cuyahoga in 2003, more than 800 interns from around the world have enjoyed spending their summers immersing themselves in Greater Cleveland. The students work full-time during the day, but spend their nights and weekends exploring the civic, cultural and recreational attractions that have turned Northeast Ohio into a world-class destination for young people. More than 125 Summer on the Cuyahoga alumni have returned to The Land to start their careers, with others still clamoring for jobs here.

SOTC is the only college internship program that gives students the opportunity to live as young professionals in Downtown Cleveland, for FREE. The program provides housing for about 70 interns at Cleveland State University, as well as introductions and opportunities to network with local alumni from their universities. This creates a special connection to the region and some of its biggest advocates that often lasts well beyond their summer here.

SOTC’s ultimate goal is to have interns build professional relationships and permanently locate in Greater Cleveland. But even if the interns do not move here, they take their SOTC experience back to their campuses and hometowns, and let their communities know that our region is a great place to live, work, do business, and visit.

For more information, please contact Jean Koehler at [email protected].