Joe Cimperman, the former and longtime member of Cleveland City Council, made one of his first public appearances as President of Global Cleveland at the spring fundraiser of Asian Services In Action. Cimperman delivered the keynote address at the group’s luncheon on April 28 at the Ariel International Center in Cleveland, to a full room of ASIA Inc. members and supporters. 


ASIA is a 20-year-old non-profit agency that assists needy families in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, with a special emphasis on low-income, limited English proficient immigrants and refugee families.

Cimperman, the son of an immigrant mother who spoke Slovenian, distinguished himself on city council as a champion of immigrants and refugees. This month, he assumed the leadership of Global Cleveland.

Michael Byun, the chief executive officer of ASIA, said Cimperman is truly a guest of honor. “The story of Joe’s family is the story of the American dream,” Byun said. “It’s what so many of our people hope to accomplish. We know Joe will be a great leader for Global Cleveland. He is a true believer in a multicultural Cleveland.”

Michael Byun was appointed by President Barack Obama to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This Commission is charged with working to improve the quality of life of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through increased participation in and access to federal programs. He advises the President on innovative ways to engage AAPIs across the country and to improve their health, education, environment, and well-being. 

This was ASIA’s first spring fundraiser. Proceeds benefited the charitable work of the organization and programs designed to ensure individuals, families and communities achieve optimal health and well-being through quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate information.