What country were you born in, and how long have you lived in Cleveland? 

I was born in Jamaica and have lived in Cleveland for 2 years this summer! 

The pioneers and supporters of International Women’s Day believe that “from challenges come change.” What has been the largest challenge in your journey toward personal success? 

One challenge to my personal success is defining what “personal success” even is! As a Black, immigrant, young adult woman from a less-than-privileged background, I often wrestle with the tension between personal versus collective success. It is sometimes difficult to identify and cultivate my true-to-self goals while advancing those of my community. This is particularly true of navigating double consciousness as a professional in the social justice arena. I find myself regularly asking “Who do I need to be for myself?” closely followed by “Who do I need to be for my community?” (however ‘community’ is defined in the moment). 

You have been nominated for this recognition by another amazing person, proving that we are so much stronger when we support one another. What is one piece of advice you have for women in your community and all over the world? 

You are enough and you are deserving of good things. Holding these statements as truth really makes a difference in how you show up! 

How can the greater Cleveland community encourage, support, and amplify the success of international women? 

You can support international women by welcoming us into your communities and cultivating spaces that celebrate our diversity.