Since 1977, Cohen & Company has provided Cleveland-area communities, entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profits with high-quality tax services and full-service accounting needs. This month, we spoke to Abigail Seman, Human Resource Coordinator at Cohen & Company, to discuss international applicants, interview tips, and more! Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes perspective on hiring practices.


Cohen & Company offers a number of different internship opportunities, which provides qualified students an opportunity to earn college credit while gaining experience. Internship opportunities are available twice per year, from May to August and December to April. This valuable experience offers interns the opportunity to explore audit and tax accounting while opening up the possibility of post-graduation employment as a Cohen & Company accountant.

Each fall, Seman recruits interns for the following academic year. Although Seman actively recruits from twenty-two different schools, the application process is open to all – including international students! Seman has a few tips for international applicants but told us that since each school is different it’s very important that students work closely with their advisor or Office of International Students. Further, Seman stresses that transparency and open communication are keys to a successful interview process. 

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