Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc.(TM) is inspiring the world to carefully value and protect our water as a basic necessity of life. DLDT helps individuals recognize and solve our water issues through creative education, events, and provision of safe water access for people in need.

This organization was founded in 2010 after a group of community members decided to launch a ‘drink local drink tap’ campaign to educate Clevelanders about plastic pollution in our water ways. The group then adopted Edgewater Beach in 2010 and started speaking ins schools about water, pollution and sustainability. Later that year, DLDT decided to expand their mission to not only reconnect people to water in the US Great Lakes region, but to literally connect people to safe water in Uganda.

People in other parts of the world walk an average of 4 Miles a day to collect water that can make their families sick. Close to one billion people don’t have access to safe water and over half of the hospital beds on earth are filled with people sick from dirty water. DLDT knew they had to do something to change that.

Now, almost 6 years after their journey to Africa began, DLDT has brought safe, sustainable water access to thousands of students and their communities in rural Uganda.

To raise awareness about human and water issues, increase compassion and inspire change, Her Excellency Ambassador Oliver Wonehka will be speaking at DLDT’s Annual Giving Splash Party on Friday, September 23rd in Cleveland. The evening will include hors d’oeuvres from Crop Bistro, dessert, Great Lakes Brewing Company beer and Barefoot Wine and Bubbly Wine before and after a brief, powerful program highlighting Drink Local Drink Tap’s work in Uganda from Ambassador Wonehka during her keynote address.

Ambassador Wonehka is extremely passionate about Drink Local Drink Tap’s work in Northeast Ohio and Uganda. Inspiring the world to care about water, and each other, while implementing projects and programming is no small task. We invite you to come learn more about DLDT and become part of the change you wish to see in the world.

Join the Global Cleveland team at this exciting event and support DLDT’s clean water efforts by purchasing your ticket today, Space is limited!

For more information click here: http://drinklocaldrinktap.org/2016-annual-giving-splash-party/