Did you ever feel that the world was going backwards and not forward?  If so, let me encourage you to join Global Cleveland.   This is an organization that is trying to reach out to others so that we can move forward.   Our country was built on the talents of immigrants and Global Cleveland is trying to recreate that philosophy to make our city and country more successful and stronger. Collaboration is important to the understanding of other cultures and we should be celebrating our differences so we can work together to build a better place to live for all.  Diversity is the key to success and Cleveland should be dedicated to this idea.

Being able to attend Global Cleveland events and programs has been a real education for me.  It has given me the opportunity to meet and greet people from different lands and who have different cultures.  That has been very exciting for me.  My husband and I have had the pleasure and experience of travelling abroad to many different countries and we have enjoyed the opportunities to meet people from different cultures. It is truly a way to grow and understand how others live.  It brings the world together and develops relationships.  Global Cleveland has given me the chance to assist those who are newcomers to our country and to Cleveland, and to encourage them to make friends and to make them feel comfortable here in Cleveland.  This has been a real pleasure for me since I too, learn as I meet others and as we exchange ideas and thoughts.  We are all people and it is my passion to bring us together to build a strong and happy community.  Diversity is needed in our city and should be celebrated.