Global Cleveland’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd

As our Cleveland Community gathers to mourn the senseless, violent death of George Floyd, Global Cleveland joins the African American community to condemn acts of racism, discrimination, xenophobia, violence, and the “othering” of our sisters and brothers here and from around the globe. We keep Mr. Floyd’s family, friends and community close in our hearts as they grieve. We call for the end of systemic racism and all policies that embolden nationalism, white supremacy, the hatred that seeps through the fabric of our collective consciousness, and the unjust killing of innocent lives like Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Pamela Turner. We call for justice for our African American family, and an implementation of policies and actions that put truth to the ideal of a beloved community.

Global Cleveland has stood with, for, next to, and behind our international sisters and brothers since our founding ten years ago. From policies that deny people food or health care based on their nation of origin, to the language of calling someone’s nation a derogatory term or the policy of separating Central American families, mothers and fathers from their children at the border, we have spoken out against, lobbied, protested and worked toward an ideal of inclusiveness, shared prosperity, and equality and equity here in Northeast Ohio and throughout our nation. When members of our federal government labeled the global pandemic the “Chinese virus”, or the decision was made to lessen the number of refugees allowed to come here, or synagogues and mosques were bombed, we stood and stand with our family here and say NO to this fear and to this darkness.

So too we say NO to the murder of our neighbors, our black families, affected by centuries of racism and bigotry in the United States. Our original sin of slavery has yet to be confessed let alone expunged. We must address this now.

Each of us must start at home and in our own families, and in the mirror with ourselves, as we challenge our own unconscious biases on racial equality and inclusion. At Global Cleveland, our values of loving the newcomer are rooted in our embracing, acknowledging, and welcoming our neighbor as our family -no matter if they are native born, immigrant, refugee, African American, Latin American, Asian American, or life-long Clevelander. We have taken on soul-changing work as a city and region before. This is our most important test ever. Please stand with us as we stand together.

With much love.


David Fleshler                                     Joe Cimperman

Chairman of the Board                       President

Global Cleveland                                 Global Cleveland