Every “first of” in a New Year gives all of us a chance to re-energize and dedicate ourselves anew to our passions and vocations. At Global Cleveland we are excited at what 2019 is already bringing. The amount of collaboration between local/county/state government and organizations like ours engaged in welcoming newcomers is at an all time high. This year marks the 3rd Year of InterCle , an event GC started by welcoming our International Students across North East Ohio to our community and to the US. Our Global Employer Summit is back this Spring, providing even more opportunities for our companies and our international talented employees to connect in a way that means a more prosperous, robust economy for everyone. Our Welcoming Week Celebration in September is going to be the best yet, and we are so looking forward to highlighting all our international partners in the important work of being an awesomely welcoming community. And we are so excited to host the first ever international Cleveland Sister Cities Conference with and at the Cleveland Public Library May 1-3. More details to follow on all of these, and more welcome mats and chances to work together than ever. Thanks for your input and support, we look forward to making 2019 our best year yet with you.


Joe Cimperman

Global Cleveland President