Global Cleveland’s job is, and will always be to welcome! Not only is it our mission, but it is our duty to the Greater Cleveland community. Whether it’s an international student from India, a refugee from Burma, an entrepreneur from Iran, a family from Somalia, or a new American citizen from Syria, Global Cleveland welcomes them ALL!

As we await with uncertainty, new Executive Orders, we know despite the outcome, we will remain committed to our work, and committed to our community. We are here to welcome, and we will continue to welcome, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, ALL those who choose to call Cleveland HOME! In the words of John Lewis, “If not us, then who?if not now, then when?”

May we never forget, Cleveland was built by immigrants. They are integrating successfully in our community, contributing to the local economy, and enriching the social fabric of our city. They are our neighbors, our doctors, our community leaders, our business owners, our coworkers and our friends.

Global Cleveland encourages you to roll up your sleeves and get involved! The time to make a difference is NOW!

Want to make an impact? Volunteer your time at an upcoming Naturalization Ceremony and help us to welcome our newest American Citizens on one of the most important days of their lives. Want to show support? Make a donation TODAY! A contribution of any amount can help us do more to welcome and support our international newcomers from across the globe and across Cleveland.