Cleveland’s Future Is Our Future

Over the past sixty years, Cleveland’s population has declined by nearly fifty percent. Like many legacy cities, the region’s future and Cleveland’s economic survival is dependent upon its ability to reverse this trend by repopulating itself with educated talent who will help Cleveland reclaim its position as a global player in the new “knowledge economy.”

The good news is that Cleveland is at turning point. According to research reported earlier this year by Richey Piiparinen, director of the Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University, Cleveland’s young adult workforce is growing an currently boasts a skills level that ranks 8th in the nation. The boost is due in large part to the influx of 25-34 year olds with advanced degrees in STEM-related disciplines.


For its part, Global Cleveland is working closely with Piiparinen and his fellow researchers to track Cleveland’s demographic shifts and design talent attraction strategies that will accelerate positive trends. Engaging Greater Cleveland residents in this effort, particularly members of our region’s 117 ethnic communities, is an important part of the strategy. According to Piiparinen, “Half of the immigrants who came into Cuyahoga County from 2007 to 2011 were college-educated. Out of those educated migrants, 64 percent were Asian, 14 percent were European and 8 percent were African. Sixty percent of all educated migrants had graduate or professional degrees.”

To grow its talented workforce, Cleveland needs its residents to become advocates for Greater Cleveland. We need you to actively encourage and assist in bringing your family, friends, professional contacts, and business partners to this region – to become part of our talent pipeline to expand area businesses, fuel start-up activity, pursue a degree or fellowship at one of our world-class universities, or fill one of the nearly fifty thousand open positions in Northeast Ohio.

Global Cleveland has created a dynamic new, multilingual website that you can use to recruit friends, family, business associates as well new employees to the region. is designed to answer any questions a newcomer might have about living, working, learning and playing in Greater Cleveland. The website offers videos, newsfeeds, and a comprehensive list of resources and services along with answers to career and relocation questions.

Tell your friends and family about Let’s work together to build a global Cleveland! Our future depends on it!  

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