The NEO Talent Exchange has launched – just in time to find your summer internship, co-op or job. The Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) and Global Cleveland have partnered with WorkFountain to implement the cutting-edge matching technology. NEO Talent Exchange transforms the recruitment process and streamlines how employers and jobseekers connect with each other during the job and internship search process. Check it out:

What makes this site different is the way it assesses the student or jobseeker’s skills and interests and matches them to the prospective employer. Global Cleveland President Joy Roller said, “NEO Talent Exchange is to the job-matching industry what eHarmony is to date-matching. The interests and personal profile of the intern or jobseeker are matched to the desires of the employer.”


After you answer a series of questions about yourself and your interests, sophisticated algorithms match your answers to the best possible potential employers. As with other sites, you will still need a good resume. If you need help with your resume, NEO Talent Exchange can help you with that too.

The state of Ohio hosts another tool to find an internship. Go to: This site aggregates postings from sites across the entire country giving you a one-stop for a large selection of opportunities.

So how do you determine if the internship is a good fit for you? Ask yourself, “Does this internship give me work experience in the industry or skill area I am majoring in?” Of course you may not be ready for work that requires industry expertise, but you will want to be working on a project or assignment that gives you exposure to what it is like to work in that area. That means, while the work may seem to be busy work, are you actively working with the people and on projects that give you an insight into your chosen major.

Ask yourself, “Is this company one that I might want to work for when I graduate?” An internship with a chosen company gives the employer a chance to see how you work and for you to size up whether the company is a good fit for you.

An internship can be a powerful way to get your first job. So take advantage of and – both powerful tools designed to help you find the best possible opportunity.