Innovative startups, tech companies, and corporations are taking steps to mirror their global business strategy with a globally competitive workforce.

In the session with and JumpStart at this year’s Global Employer Summit, panelists will share innovative ways Northeast Ohio is competing and how employers can lead the charge in global talent inclusion., a national leader in advocating for business-driven immigration policy, is hosting this session. Speakers will share practical ways your organization can become a more globally competitive workplace right here in Northeast Ohio.

Angie Kilgore, JumpStart’s manager of recruiting and community engagement for entrepreneurial talent, will moderate a frank discussion with the following experts:
Xu Lang, Director of Global Investor Relations with FlashStarts, will discuss why and how global entrepreneurs are coming to Cleveland; she’ll also share ways employers can tap into international, entrepreneurial talents – and who might qualify for alternative immigration pathways from the traditional H1B visa.

David Wintrich, Co-founder and Chief Academic Officer of Tech Elevator knows what it takes to find the best tech talent; his experience with Fortune 500 companies and at Tech Elevator has given David the opportunity to interview, hire and mentor dozens of programmers. He’ll share how he recruits top talent around the world to drive our regional tech workforce forward – and how your organization can also find qualified talent.

Cortney McDevitt will share her insights from working in People Operations and Engagement with top companies including Lyft and Shutterfly. She’ll share what Northeast Ohio employers can learn from West Coast tech.

Finally, Daniel Dudley, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer at Infinite Arthroscopy Inc. (IAI) will share thoughts on the criticality of global perspectives for a successful venture, especially at the pre-revenue “start-up” phase – Daniel will share some of best practices and starting points to fostering a culture and establishing a team that incorporates global talent and expertise.


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