On October 30th, Cleveland City Council and the City’s department of Health are hosting the “First Refugee Summit” to inform public officials and residents about facts and misconceptions regarding refugees.

In partnership with the Refugee Services Collaborative (RSC) of Greater Cleveland, the summit coincides with an anticipated influx of refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East.

Organizer Councilman Joe Cimperman wants Cleveland to open its doors to the new refugees. He stated, “In the next 24 months, we are going to feel the effect of conflicts in Syria and Iraq for sure. I’m sad that they are forced to flee their countries, but why can’t Cleveland be that welcoming place?”

 At the summit RSC, community and civic leaders will discuss who Cleveland’s refugees are, where they are coming from, what challenges they face as well as questions regarding their legal status and economic benefit to Northeast Ohio.

The Summit is open to the public, RSVP to [email protected] is requested by October 28th.