The Slovenian American Business Association (SABA) was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 2012 with the main objective of providing connections between companies from Slovenia and the US. In addition to these connections SABA is also offering, fee based, market research, market analysis, search for local partners, as well as the organization of visits by economic delegations from both countries.

In the daysspaning from May 21st to the 25th, 2018 SABA, jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – CCIS, Wood Industry Cluster – GZS, Slovenian Public Agency SPIRIT and Slovenian Embassy in US, organized a visit of a business delegation of the Slovenian woodworking companies in the US. This delegation visited NYC, Cleveland (OH), Pittsburgh (PA) and Imperial (PA).

Representatives of the woodworking companies, CCIS and Wood Industry Cluster that were in the delegation : Donar (Ivan Ukmar,, Lina Design (Damjan Uršič,, CETA (Igor Stepančič,, Mizarstvo Florjančič (Robert Florjančič,, Aleš Potočnik s.p. (Aleš Potočnik,, CBD (Bruno Dujiċ,, LESNA VRATA (Gorazd Ulbl,, CCIS (Marko Jare, and Wood Industry Cluster (Bernard Likar, visited Cleveland on Wednesday May 23, 2018 at the Slovenian Consulat General‘s meeting area presented an overview of their businesses and their products. Delegation members had the opportunity to address various US Architects, Designers, Real Estate Agents and Construction companies as well as potential financial resources.

The the objective of the members of this delegation was to present their purpose for potentially entering the US market with their wood products and services (construction, hotel equipment, hospital equipment, production of massive and high quality furniture as well as possible design of high efficiency commercial wood buildings).

The organizations in attendance at these presentations were HWH, Hiti, DiFrancesco + Siebold, Lobistica LLC, Prosen Consulting, J J Kokal & Associates, Inc., RS Interior Design LLC, Team NEO, Global Cleveland (several additional parties also showed great interest in further cooperation and information).

In association with SABA, the event was also supported by Slovenian Consulate General in Cleveland and Global Cleveland as the local partner of SABA and an organization that helps SABA to “connect” with Slovenian companies in Cleveland and the surrounding area.

Following the demonstrated interest and presentations,SABA will offer help to the companies that have demonstrated the greatest interest, to developing additional contacts, with further presentations to potential partners, and additionally keep the American market informed about new developments and products from the companies that were represented in this delegation.

SABA will also assist organizations such as Global Cleveland to be listed in other business direction in Slovenia and will thereby enable further cooperation between potential partners from RS and US.  For additional information visit SABA’s website at: