When does an international hire make the most sense for your bottom line?

In the session with Thompson Hine at this year’s Global Employer Summit, Partner Sarah Flannery will break down scenarios she has seen with client companies to increase their business success and save money, by strategically bringing on the global talent they need.


Flannery shares, “We’ve seen several instances where bringing someone on directly made more financial sense. Organizations that overlook this possibility might be missing out on substantial savings and growth opportunities.”

Get ready to challenge common ideas about contracting services or directly bringing on new hires, recruitment strategies, or investing in employment-based sponsorship.

Sarah will be joined by Team NEO’s regional talent manager, Mike Stanton, who will also share his past experience as an HR leader making hiring decisions. As someone who has faced these challenges first-hand, he will offer candid insights into when it makes sense to invest in new hires.

International hires are not be the only source of talent for your organization; but if you are overlooking international hires because of fears about sponsorship costs, you might actually be wasting money in the long run and passing on the talent your company needs.


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Global Employer Summit Breakout: The Business Case for International Hires

2:30 – 3:30 PM InterContinental Hotel & Conference Center

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