“I arrived in the United States from Ghana in 2010 to pursue my education at Hiram College. As an incoming freshman, I realized how difficult it was to find Ghanaian or African foods in the local grocery stores. So I decided to create a company that makes authentic African sauces, spices and snacks. That’s how Micah Specialty Foods was born. To build my company, I managed to raise over $12,000 while working as a Teaching Assistant, Orientation Leader and at the Hiram Inn laundry. A few months after graduation, we started producing my mother’s marinade recipe in 100 gallon minimum batches. I also purchased a vehicle to distribute my products.

Starting the business was very challenging in the beginning but we started growing, little by little. In a few months, we will be launching Meg’s Sumptuous Plantain Chips in three flavors and two new flavors of Supreme Sauce Marinade (our maiden product). Before the end of the year, we will have our products in over 100 grocery stores in Ohio, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. We are slowly breaking down food barriers!

For me, the American Dream is tied to the entrepreneur mindset. Through grit and determination, your dream can become a reality. America has endless resources and opportunities that are hard to find in other places. Here, anyone can achieve the American Dream regardless of race, gender or creed.” -Nana Takyi-Micah, Founder, Micah Specialty Foods

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