2017 Global Employer Summit: International Student Showcase

One of the highlights of the summit was the International Student Showcase where smart young international students and entrepreneurs were offered an opportunity to showcase their experience and skills in front of hundreds of employers. 21 international students from 4 colleges and 8 different majors attended the showcase, and presented a variety of topics from the school projects they worked on, to the innovative ideas they have in certain areas, to their life stories such as how they decided to come to the U.S. and pursue their dreams.

107 attendees were invited to vote for their favorite pitch, and the top three winners with the most votes each received a certificate and a prize from Global Cleveland. Below are the winners of the 2017 Global Employer Summit: International Student Showcase

Photo credit: ClevelandPeople.com



Shilpa Ramakrishnan-Masters in Engineering Management-Case Western Reserve University

” Structure to Ambiguity! 

It is necessary for companies to identify the changing end user needs, market dynamics and understand their core competencies to deliver market leading solutions that address customer needs. Do they deal with the ambiguity of what next?

We have developed a roadmap through a systematic process of innovation at stages that drives a continuous cycle for a company to innovate and thus sustain a competitive edge in today’s competitive market scenario.”


First Runner-up:

Neha Des- Masters in Engineering Management-Case Western Reserve University

” The project I presented was with ‘FlipSnap’. It is a collaborative, social video application which allows (one) to remove or replace any part of the video and interact with images and video assets in real time . In scope of the project, we did market research for finding the strategic partnerships for Flipsnap.”


Second Runner-up:

Ye (Duke) Li-Master of Law-Case Western Reserve University

“I used to be a professional boxer back in China for more than 10 years, and have won multiple championships. I have coached other boxers, and have been invited to serve as referee for boxing matches.

Now I am studying business law and sport law at Case because I want to get a comprehensive understanding of American sport system, and then make a contribution and build a bridge for Chinese and American professional boxers. I want to help promote this sport, share my love for boxing with others, and create good communication channels in both countries.”


Pictures of other promising young talents: