Missed the Cleveland Asian Festival this past May 17 and 18? It was incredible! Food, dance, music and fun make for a wonderful family outing. Greater Cleveland is home to 117 different ethnic groups.  Many celebrate their customs with wonderful festivals. Check out the Plain Dealer’s Five ethnic festivals you must see!

Want more than a festival?

Cleveland People has a wonderful list of all kinds of international events HERE!


Check out the book “ETHNIC EATS”, published by Cleveland’s Grey’s Publishing, HERE!

Cleveland’s history of diversity and community inter-connectivity provides the perfect platform for first-rate ethnic and cultural festivals throughout the summer. According to Asim Datta, President of the Federation of India Community Associations (FICA), “The international and inter-cultural festivals offer a wonderful window to the world’s diverse cultures right in our own backyard. One can get a taste of foods, clothing, music, art, dances and cultures from different parts of the world, without leaving our hometown.”