Where are you from?


What was your childhood like?

It was normal- studious- but nothing inspirational.

What brought you to Cleveland?

I came to Cleveland to complete my MBA at CWRU

What were your first thoughts about coming to the United States? Did those change?

Coming to the best place………….we will find that soon.

What challenges did you face transitioning here?

Different culture, took almost 3-4 years to get used to this culture.

What is your occupation? Are you a member of a sorority, fraternity, or any other civic or social organization?

Business owner- no member of any other organization.

How have other Clevelanders made you feel welcomed?


What traditions or customs do you continue to practice?

Regular customs/traditions that Indians would follow- like Diwali, being respectful to elders etc.

What do you love about Cleveland?

Cold weather, good warm hearted people.

Why is it so important to welcome immigrants and refugees?

They bring diversity, new ideas and always fill a gap which will not be filled with other people.

Why is it important to travel abroad?

To get to learn another culture.