Where are you from?

New Delhi India

What brought you to Cleveland?

I found a good opportunity and I came to Cleveland

What were your first thoughts about coming to the United States? Did those change?

The same thoughts….to make some money. Its okay I didn’t like it that much. I have been here for the past 32 years and America is like a world. A lot of people come here from all over the world and in my opinion it’s the best place to live.

What challenges did you face transitioning here?

Because of my identity I had little trouble but people are very accommodating they accepted us and are very friendly with us. I face no problem.

What is your occupation, or what are you studying?

I have my restaurant. I have a small Indian restaurant and me and my wife work to make some money…to live

What project or venture are you working on now that you’re excited about

I am not working on any other projects. I am about to retire now.