Where are you from?

I’m from egypt, although my mom is from saudi arabia and I was born and raised there.

With the experiences that i had and with the connections that I built in all the countries I have visited/lived in, I got to know that home is not only in one place and that I could be homesick for people too!

What are some unique or experiences or memories for you, growing up?

The fact that I grew up in a very diverse environment and got to travel a lot in such a young age has to be the most unique blessing im grateful for.

How have people that you’ve met made you feel welcomed?

After a long conversation I had with one of my classmates ,during my first day at CSU, she ended up telling me “you are…. I don’t want to say an inspiration because obviously you are, but I want to say you are the world.. People like you give me hope!” I will always remember her words and her genuine smile.. I felt pretty welcomed 🙂

What do you love about Ohio?

If have to pick one thing that i love the most about Ohio, I would have to say ‘Hiking’ ❤️

Why is it so important to welcome international newcomers?

I promote diversity because the more we know about other people’s cultures, the more accepting we become of our differences. And most of the time we end up realizing that we are more similar than different… With diversity comes empathy; which the world needs more of..

Why is it important to travel abroad?

We are not alone and the world is in constant change. By traveling abroad, you get to be a part of that transformation!