With only a few weeks from our first Global Employer Summit, our President, Joe Cimperman, explains what attendees can expect and why this Summit is such a valuable event to Cleveland’s top employers.

For Joe, the impetus for creating the Summit was obvious: “Our job at Global Cleveland is trifold: We exist to welcome, attract and retain Clevelanders. We build the bridges that must be constructed in order for our community to realize a prosperous future.”

“But in saying that we support Clevelanders, it’s important to recognize that that must include our incredible business community. Both for their benefit, as well as for those choosing to make our city their home.”

The Summit’s agenda includes sessions geared towards business leaders as well as those who are responsible for the talent efforts of their organization. C-Suite executives can expect to learn best practices for incorporating new talent in order to exceed business goals. They will also walk away with actionable ideas for immediate implementation within their organization while HR Directors will learn active strategies for filling positions with top talent.

“It’s about seeing who’s doing it right,” says Cimperman. “Not only across the country – but also right here in Northeast Ohio.”

“My greatest hope is for 100 ‘A-ha’ moments,” he says. “That attendees will learn things that can immediately be enacted to help them realize heightened results in their businesses in the next four fiscal quarters.”

In the last 10 years, over 19,000 new Clevelanders have chosen to make our city home. These individuals – born elsewhere – bring a global perspective that continues to be of need in the region. All the while, they are buying houses, opening bank accounts and spending money in the community.

“This is our history in Cleveland. And, when asked what success looks like for the Summit, I would say that in 10 years it’s that we won’t need it because we have created a global ecosystem so robust in Northeast Ohio that it’s just the way we operate.”

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit – secure your tickets here!