What country were you born in (if first generation, where is your family from), and how long have you lived in Cleveland?  

 My family is from China; my parents left Guangdong province right before the Cultural Revolution in pursuit of a better future. 

was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and have lived in Cleveland since I was 3 years old. I grew up on the west side of Cleveland but moved to the east side after attending Case Western Reserve University and then working at The Lubrizol Corporation. 

The pioneers and supporters of International Women’s Day believe that “from challenges come change.”: What has been the largest challenge in your journey toward personal success?  

I firmly believe that success is achieved by following your passions and your personal definition of success. In many cases, you may need to overcome how others define success for you and their expectations of what they believe is right for you. 

When I was a sophomore in college, I realized that a career in medicine was not the right path for me; and, so I followed my desire in pursuing my Ph.D. in polymer engineering. I believe that following my passion, helped me overcome the different challenges that I encountered along the way. Over the years, I have discovered additional passions which have guided my different leadership roles at Lubrizol and in the community. 

You have been nominated for this recognition by another amazing person, proving that we are so much stronger when we support one another. What is one piece of advice you have for women in your community and all over the world?   

 My advice is to take risksbe resilient and flexible, and give back to the community. 

  • Take risks: Choose to challenge yourself by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 
  • Be resilient and flexible: With our ever-changing environment, you need to be resilient and flexible in overcoming the challenges that you will encounter. 

Challenges are opportunities to learn, build new skills and be stronger. I have had wonderful opportunities to work overseas for Lubrizol, and those expatriate assignments definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone both personally and professionally. It was important to be resilient and flexible considering all the different challenges encountered from living and working in another country. 

  •  Give back to the community: I have been blessed and honored with the support from so many people. It is vital that we give back to the community and help others be successful. 

How can the greater Cleveland community encourage, support, and amplify the success of international women?  

The recognition by Global Cleveland is a great example of supporting and highlighting the success of international women. 

As individuals, we all have to challenge and overcome our own perceptions and biases; and, then we have to actively support and encourage the success of others. 

Organizations have to make a concerted effort to improve the number of women in key leadership roles and their representation on boards. 

The greater Cleveland community will benefit greatly by tapping the perspectives and contributions of international women.