October is awesome. Our world championship team shared their golden ringed joy, our incredible baseball team began the journey to the World Series, and Global Cleveland held the national stage for its work in welcoming newcomers and bringing prosperity to international and native born alike.

In two separate weeks, Global Cleveland was able to share best practices here and learn of best practices nationally in visits with delegations from Buffalo and in Philadelphia.

While in Buffalo with leadership from The City and County and in dialogue with the leadership in Buffalo we learned a lot, taught a lot and came away with the same understanding here and in Philadelphia.

1. No city/community has finished the book definitively on how to welcome newcomers from the refugee, new sworn in citizen, international student, globalizing business perspective, but here in The Land we have a lot going for us on many fronts

2. The most successful cities are the ones that work with people coming to welcome more, and the fact is the more a city and community focus on economic development the more people want to come to that place

3. The opportunities that Welcoming and Attracting afford are immense and filled with as many opportunities for the international entrepreneur as they do for people who are born and raised in the United States.

Global Cleveland is lucky to have the staff and board it does. It’s also lucky to partner with you. I can say this with no hesitation: there is no other organization that does what we do and there is no greater city and county in which to build a more welcoming global community.

Thanks for continuing on with us.