June marks Immigrant Heritage Month, and people across the country are sharing their American stories. Global Cleveland asked to hear from you, whether you’ve recently embarked on your first day as an American citizen or want to share how your ancestors arrived here. Immigration is sacred to our nation – and to Cleveland – and we honor and appreciate the contributions made by immigrants in our city and beyond. Be sure to check out our webpage to read all the stories, and a huge thank you to those who contributed! 

Through Global Cleveland’s Welcoming Initiative, old and new friends participated in a walking tour through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens on June 12th. On June 13th, we participated in La Placita Market in Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood on the city’s west side. La Placita is a traditional Hispanic market that is aimed at promoting the neighborhood’s Hispanic culture and fostering economic development. The pop-up open-air market opened on May 9th, and continues monthly throughout the summer. This week, Global Cleveland held a private viewing for volunteers and guest of a documentary featuring stories of recent immigrants to the United States.  

We are wrapping up Immigrant Heritage Month with our monthly international meet-up dinner at Luchita’s Mexican Restaurant This event is a great opportunity to celebrate Cleveland’s diversity – and amazing Mexican food. As more and more immigrants and refugees settle in Northeast Ohio, Global Cleveland will continue to be the region’s leading resource for welcoming and engaging newcomers in ways that enable them to contribute to the rich tapestry of our community life.

For more information and to read our Immigrant Heritage Month stories click here

For more information and to register for our international meet-up dinner at Luchita’s, click here