My name is Elizabeth Aubbin Manuel, I am from Ghana west Africa. My dad was a king,he passed 7 years ago, growing up was very good because I am a princess but I was brought up strictly by my parents because of who I am.

I came to the United States in November 2010, I came to visit my cousin in upstate New York (Poughkeepsie) then I met my husband who is from Cleveland hence my migration to Cleveland. My thoughts about coming to America have changed for the better and I am very pleased to be here especially Cleveland. My biggest challenge is the length of filing papers for my children to be with me,the immigration process takes too long.

I am a seamstress, I do custom clothing and alterations for both men and women,I am looking to get a store to set up my own business but for now I can’t afford the rent it’s just too much,I wish I can get a grant that can set me up so that I can offer my services to support Cleveland. Clevelanders are very nice people and I really love the fact that they see everyone as family.

I do practice my customs by always wearing African prints to portray my culture,I love Cleveland because most of the people I have been in contact with are very friendly. Global Cleveland is a great resource because it portrays what goes on in Cleveland and promotes networking with other organizations, it is very important to welcome immigrants and refugees because we are all here to help promote the good image of the city and the country as a whole.