In honor of National Welcoming Week, Global Cleveland is presenting an ongoing art exhibit at the main branch of the Cleveland Public Library. The exhibit, which showcases works by local immigrant and refugee artists, will be on display through the end of September. The free exhibit is open daily from 10a – 6p, and is closed on Sundays. Although Welcoming Week is over, Global Cleveland hopes to continue to honor the contributions made by newcomers to the Cleveland community. … Speaking of artwork, local artist Nahid Sadrian sold her first painting during the exhibit’s opening reception on September 15th!

Nahid, an architect from Iran, is trained in a variety of techniques including rendering, painting, model making, architectural drawings, perspectives, illustrations, and presentation drawings. For the current exhibit at the Library, Nahid chose to display pieces crafted with reverse painting, a technique wherein artwork is painted directly onto transparent media, such as glass, and then viewed by turning over and viewing the art through the glass. With her confidence bolstered by the sale of her piece Before Sunset, Nahid is now committed to mastering the reverse-painting technique. Additionally, the new owner of Before Sunset has already commissioned a second piece of Nahid’s work! Congratulations, Nahid!