Northeast Ohio needs information technology workers! According to a report released by the Cleveland Foundation, individuals with computer and information technology skills are the most in-demand talent in the region. The report shows that in Northeast Ohio in 2013 there were 11,204 job openings in information technology. However, in the same year, that number compares to only 1,301 students awarded academic credentials in information technology. There is an obvious need to grow and attract IT talent to the Greater Cleveland region. Consequently, many of our local colleges, companies and organizations are taking action to grow this sector.


 Examples of exciting IT programs include:

The RITE Board

The RITE Board (Regional Information Technology Engagement) (link) is an employer-led group partnering with high schools and colleges to drive awareness, preparation and placement of students into companies in the region. The third annual IT Summit will be held on April 17 as part of OHTech Tech Week.

Global Cleveland’s Tech Talks

This year Global Cleveland is offering a speaker series through three colleges across the region. The series is free and open to the public.  LEARN MORE

Topics include:

  • April 13th, “Discovering and creating IT opportunities in Northeast Ohio” hosted by Cleveland State University
  • April 14th, “Opportunities and Entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio” hosted by Case Western Reserve University
  • April 17th, “Finding the right opportunity in Northeast Ohio” hosted by Baldwin Wallace University

Click on Global’s job page to see that demand for computer and IT talent spans a wide spectrum of business sectors including bioscience and healthcare, advanced manufacturing, financial services, business services and back office support. Information technology companies are engaged in software development, storage, security and networking. Look for an IT job here.

Software developers are the most in-demand classification within the IT industry with an average of 2,745 openings annually. Because 82% of individuals with this skillset have a bachelors or higher academic degree, it takes years to develop a qualified candidate capable of filling this kind of position. After developers, the next highest in-demand positions are computer systems analysts, computer support specialists, network and computer systems administrators, computer programmers, database administrators and web developers respectively. Click HERE more information on IT careers.