The City of Cleveland Economic Development Department, in partnership with Cleveland Citywide Development Corporation, has led the way in helping create an environment where businesses, from the very smallest mom-and-pop shops to the larger international corporations, thrive and grow. As the economic arm of the mayor’s administration, our mission is to provide assistance to businesses expanding within or locating to the City of Cleveland. Through our efforts, we seek to encourage investment which will spur job creation and increase revenues to the City of Cleveland.
What exactly does the Department of Economic Development do?
Our primary way of assisting business to start, grow or relocate to our city is through our various loan and grant programs. Our programs help to offset costs and fill financing gaps at rates that are lower and terms that are longer that traditional banking institutions. Loan and grant programs can pay for construction and renovation costs, equipment and machinery costs, as well as inventory related working capital needs. In return, we require businesses to create jobs locally through our workforce development agreement administered by Ohio Means Jobs and encourage the contracting of local MBE, FBE and CSB for construction projects to help keep our dollars local.

Navigating City Hall

In addition to our financing services, our department can assist businesses in navigating the complexities that arise as they seek to interact with various departments within Cleveland City Hall. We are more than willing and capable of assisting you with permits, business related licenses and technical assistance questions.

Public-private partnerships are vital to the growth and development of our City. That’s why our department works with a variety of both business financing and technical assistance partners who can help you develop a business plan, find financing and provide other business related services.
So whether you are having trouble identify financing that will fill the gap in your project financing, need help with a business plan or are looking to expand and need assistance identifying a new facility that will best meet your needs, we want to be your one- stop shop for all your business needs. Our professional and friendly staff is ready and willing to work with you to help your business succeed.
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