Where are you from?


What was it like growing up?

I had a great childhood. I grew up in a big family with my grandparents and uncles and cousins. We all are very close to each other. Since my childhood I have been taught to live my life with great values of humanity, empathy and integrity and I have tried to stand by it. Also my childhood has been full of funny incidents. So overall, I had a fantastic childhood.

Why did you choose Cleveland?

It was mainly because Case Western Reserve University. We had never been to the USA before. So didn’t have much idea about different places. As our program (MEM) offered by CWRU is one of the best in USA, so we chose to come here.

What were your first thoughts about coming to America? Did those change?

To be honest, I was very excited and scared about it. Coming to an unknown place, far from your own country, your family was not easy. But yes, I was very happy at the same time that I am going to one of the best places in the world to fulfil my dream and to improve myself as a person.

What challenges did you face as an immigrant transitioning here?

Primarily I had to learn about the culture here as I am from a different country. Second, I would say was the food (as I am a big foodie!!). Meeting different people in my class and also outside really helped me to get acquainted with the place. I also visited the nearby places which I liked very much.

What traditions or customs do you continue to practice?

I am a spiritual person. I try to do ‘pranayam’ (a form of yoga) every morning once I get up. Also I do worship my God every day.

How have Clevelanders made you feel welcomed?

Every person I met, since I arrived here, have been very welcoming to me. I could feel the warmth once I meet them, be it my classmates or some other people. This approach has actually helped me to get settled in this foreign country.

What do you love about Cleveland?

I liked almost everything. This has been my first foreign trip and I like Cleveland a lot that I sincerely hope to get settled down and stay back here with a good job. I really liked the weather once I arrived here (on May 31st 2016). The people are very welcoming and nice. It has some really rich heritage places to visit. I found Cleveland to be a very cultural place which I really liked.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Cleveland?

Visit to downtown and just sit in the public square with a book and read it. Also I really like the Edgewater Park and Lake Erie. I also like music a lot. So I am planning to hear a live concert at the Severance.

Why is it important to welcome immigrants and refugees?

I feel it is very important to welcome immigrants and refugees to make them feel easy in a non-native place. It helps people like me to feel a part of this place. Also as immigrants and refugees bring different culture from different background, so it is important to introduce them to the culture of the city to have a healthy cultural exchange which will only increase the cultural diversity which is important and also the new person can be involved to the overall growth of the place.

Why is it important to travel abroad?

My primary goal to coming here was to get a world class education. Also sometimes it is good to come out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself in an unknown surroundings to grow as a person.