Where are you from?

 I’m from Monterrey, N.L. Mexico 

What was your childhood like?

My childhood is lasting of great memories having family picnics, Sunday’s lunch with all relatives and granny’s house in Mexico City, dinner’s holidays to get together for greeting each other, sharing stories and jokes, dancing, playing and  enjoying delicious Mexican dishes cooked by my father, aunts and granny. I used to spend all summer vacations in Mexico City to visit museums and archeological zones for learning about culture, traditions, history and heritage.

What brought you to Cleveland?

I was relocated by the manufacturing company I used to work in Mexico in 2012 and join the Trade Compliance Corporate team and learn about US Laws and Regulations and contribute with their  headquarters operation.

What were your first thoughts about coming to the United States?

I was very excited to come to US and start a new adventure in my life even all was uncertain and unknown I had the intention to learn and make new friends.

Did those change?

Every year in Cleveland has been better and better, definitely I can not complain I have had a huge personal growth and an amazing networking.

What challenges did you face transitioning here?

Basically to improve my English, however my Mexican accent still there and it is a signature of my heritage.

What is your occupation?

 I was graduated from the University Autónoma de Nuevo León as International Relationship Bachelor Degree and studied a Master in International Trade. Currently, I work as a Trade Compliance Specialist with a Manufacturing Company in Cleveland, OH.

Are you a member of a sorority, fraternity, or any other civic or social organization?

Yes, I actively volunteer with Cleveland Council on World Affairs as a Diplomatic Citizen with the International Visitor Leadership Program that is hosted by State Department and work very close with the non profit organization I work with. 

How have other Clevelanders made you feel welcomed?

 Cleveland Society is very welcome, diverse, friendly and caring. I found a great sense of community with people from Cleveland that love to volunteer and help each other. Love it! 

What traditions or customs do you continue to practice?

Honor our ancestors with prayers and flowers, music and dancing, prepare altars at  home for honoring the Day of Death and our ancestors. I have Mexican handcrafts that decorate my apartment.

What do you love about Cleveland?

 Wonderful happy people that is very responsible with environment! Lake Erie, Cleveland Art Museum, no pollution on the air, metro parks, educational options in the area are amazing! 

Why is it so important to welcome immigrants and refugees?

We are one! To develop strong multicultural connections and unify for the good of this generation and future generations! We are global society and neighbors. Immigrants and refugees are brothers and sisters that will strengthen our region.

Why is it important to travel abroad?

 As humans and living in one planet is important to have a Multi-Cultural Sensitivity and adapt to a global world that can promote peace and unity thru understanding social needs. Traveling will build confidence and develop new skills as networking, learning a new language and get out the comfort zone. Also, build a sense of volunteering with the most in need and celebrate our culture and other cultures!